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Unrelated Donor Transplant

Unrelated Donor Transplant As many as 30 percent do not find a match within the family,in case of patients needing stem cells from a donor. However, the remaining 70 percent can find a good match outside the immediate family through donor registries. To improve chances of finding matches for everyone, it is imperative that registries include donors from as many ethnic groups as possible.

How is an unrelated donor identified?

  • Volunteer unrelated donors are usually registered in large national registries.
  • Age, gender and partial or complete HLA typing help identify the right candidate.
  • After several rounds of testing HLA, the transplant centre will select the best matched unrelated donor.
  • The donor will be tested at the nearest donor center and after consenting will undergo either a marrow harvest or G-CSF (granulocyte colony-stimulating factor) mobilized peripheral blood collection.





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