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Stapedotomy Stapedotomy is a surgical procedure in order to correct the stapes footplate which is a flexible bone in the ear and plays an important role in performing hearing function. At BLK, we assure you timely and effective treatment.

Stapes Footplate

Stapes or Stapes footplate is a small part in the ear and an important part in making a person hear properly. Usually the Stapes footplate is a flexible bone but in certain patients it becomes fixated resulting in partial hear loss.

Causes of Fixated Stapes Footplate

The Stapes footplate can be fixated by birth due to malformation or may become fixated due to abnormal mineralization of the temporal bone.

What is the Stapedotomy procedure involves?

The Stapedotomy is performed surgically. It is a minimal invasive surgery wherein a tiny incision is made in the stapes footplate through micro drill or laser after which the doctor places prosthesis. The implant helps in the movement of the stapes footplate.





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