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Sports Injury Management

Sports Injury Management Life of a sportsperson depends a lot on his/her physical fitness. A person pursuing professional sports must go under rigorous physical training to remain fit and score high in his/her career. Just like winning and losing is part of the game, injuries are also inevitable while playing or doing athletic activities, sportsperson faces small and sometimes severe injuries. Most injuries are common and are taken care by sports trainers, physiotherapists and staff which travel along the sports team. However, in case of severe injuries a specialist intervention is required. The Orthopaedic centre at BLK offers experienced and effective treatment to catastrophic injuries related to head, spine or spinal cord.

The Orthopaedic Centre at BLK Super Speciality Centre offers Key Hole Arthroscopic Surgery for Knee and Shoulder Joints. Knee Arthroscopy deals with meniscal and ligament injuries. The surgery involved reconstruction of cruciate ligaments where a key-hole technology. The other procedures include:

  • Facility for Autologous Chondrocyte Implantation (ACI) – a biomedical treatment that repairs damages in articular cartilage and is extremely useful for young and aspiring sportspersons.
  • Comprehensive rehabilitation unit to support post-surgical care.
  • Arthroscopic Surgery for Shoulder Joints rectifies rotator calf injury, repeated dislocations and labral injuries.
  • Medical cover for International Cricket, Hockey, Wrestling and Soccer matches.





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