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An introduction

The BLK Cancer Centre, is an integral part of the BLK Super Speciality Hospital. The division is not only equipped with the latest technology and equipment but also has highly-skilled doctors and fully-trained staff, offering patient-centric cancer care. Our team has experienced doctors in the field of Medical Oncology, Surgical Oncology, Radiation Oncology, Onco-Pathology, Radiology and other specialisations.

Dealing with cancer is not easy; a patient needs emotional support not only from his family but also from other. At BLK,patients are the focus of everything we do at BLKCC. Our mission is to advance patient care, education and research continuous to change the course of cancer care. The close collaboration between our physician, surgeons, Radiologists, Pathologist and other allied specialty is one of our unique strengths which enable us to provide the best care available today to the patient as we work to discover more effective strategies to prevent and cure cancer.

Highlights of Cancer Centre:

  • First hospital in North India to offer PET CT scan and cyber-knife facility.
  • Unrivaled expertise in diagnosing and treating all types of cancer.
  • Most experienced cancer surgeons in the world.
  • Multidisciplinary approach offering strategies for early diagnosis, treatment management, rehabilitation, pain relief and terminal care.
  • Vast experience in employing immunotherapy, targeted therapy in combination with chemotherapy.
  • World-class facilities, infrastructure and technology.
  • Advanced imaging techniques like combination PET/CT imaging to accurately detect the exact location of cancer.
  • Advanced professional training.
  • Community outreach.
  • Cost-effective solutions.

The Tumor Board Clinic is a major hallmark of BLK Cancer Centre, where experts ranging from surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, radiologists, pathologists, interventionalradiologists, neurooncologists and doctors from other concerned allied specialities offer a unified approach by discussing each case and formulating a multimodality treatment plan for patients. Their combined expertise ensures that patients receive treatment and therapy as per the unique requirements of their case.

The centre has developed holistic strategies to prevent and cure cancer, supported by state-of-the-art equipment and experienced faculty & staff in a highly personalised environment. We constantly invest in latest technological advances to offer effective cancer diagnosis and world-class treatment.

In addition, the Centre offers super speciality training programmes for DNB in Surgical and Medical Oncology, recognised by the National Board of Examination.





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