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Neuro Endoscopy Surgery

Neuro Endoscopy Surgery At BLK, we aim to give the best treatment by avoiding major surgeries.The Neuro-Endoscopy Unit is equipped with all the latest equipment and technology which helps the doctors in giving the best treatment to their patients. Since we are neurological centre for minimally invasive surgery this is one of the important pillars of our minimally invasive program.We conduct minimal invasion or no-cutting procedure for following ailments:

Hydrocephalous: At the Neuro-endoscopy unit also, we focus on treating young children who are suffering from hydrocephalous by neuro-endoscopy. The procedure involved opening a path within the brain without the need for a shunt or foreign body.

Pituitary Tumor: The neuro-endoscopy procedure is also recommended for pituitary tumors wherein we go for no-cutting open of skull procedure and is done by endonasal endoscopy decompression. In this procedure the endoscope is inserted through the nose to extract the tumor.

CSF Rhinorrhea: It is a condition where the brain water leaks through the nose due to various reasons and needs immediate attention. At BLK, we are fully-equipped to conduct endoscopy with minimal discomfort to the patient.

What is Neuro-endoscopy?

The procedure involves extracting a tumor in brain. It may sound as risky as hell but with advancement like Neuro-endoscopy procedure the tumor can be extracted without makin any cut on the patient’s skull. The procedure is conducted through mouth or nose by inserting an endoscope.

Why should I go for Neuro-endoscopy?

Brain is still the most unexplored areas of human body but medical scientists are trying to weave the mystery of brain effectively. It is because of their efforts that medical science has able to offer their patients easy and fast treatments. Neuro-endoscopy not only helps doctorin treating a patient without making any incision but also let a patient go home within few days.

What are the benefits of a Neuro-Endoscopy procedure?

  • No trauma in children
  • Less pain and fast recovery
  • No impact on surrounding areas
  • No incision resulting in fast healing





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