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Joint Replacement

Joint Replacement With age your bones starts to wear & tear resulting in pain and discomfort. Generally, joints of the body are the first ones to bear the brunt of age, weight or health issues like osteoporosis. The doctors will try to manage your pain with medication or exercise. In some cases it may be effective but in case of chronic pain and discomfort, your doctor may suggest for joint replacement. Joint Replacement is a surgical procedure where a limb or joint is replaced by a new or an artificial one. Usually the joint replacement surgery is conducted in the joints of the body which are dysfunctional or are suffering from any incurable ailment. The joint replacement surgery is often recommended by doctors in case of joint diseases, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. The replacement of joints is often correlated with Knees, Hip, Shoulders and Fingers.

The department of Joint Replacement at BLK ensures that each patient gets the best treatment and post-surgery care with our dedicated team of doctors. At our rehabilitation centre we emphasise on relieving pain, giving post-surgery assistance including physical and emotional support in order to make a patient recover 100% from his/her ailment. The main highlight is the Minimal Access Fusion Surgery where a patient is discharged from the hospital a day after the surgery.

The joint replacement surgeries are more common in elderly patients who are suffering from immeasurable pain in their joints due to arthritis or other ailments. However, the surgery is also conducted on patients who have witnessed some mishaps/accident.

What parts of body are included in Joint Replacement?

The surgery for knees and hip replacement is quite common in elderly patients who are suffering from joint diseases, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis after trying all kind of medicines and physiotherapy. However, the joint replacement surgery is also conducted on Shoulder, Hip, Knees, Ankle and Fingers.

Why should one go for Joint Replacement?

Patients suffering from severe pain due to joint diseases, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis and have tried all medicinal and physiotherapy and haven’t got any relief are advised to go for joint replacement surgery. However, doctor recommends certain tests to ensure that the patient is fit for the surgery.

How to prepare for Joint Replacement Procedure?

In case of elderly patients, few days of hospitalization is required before the surgery is conducted. The doctors make sure that a patient is fit for surgery by conducting tests like ECG, urine tests, hematology and blood tests. X-rays of the joints to be replaces is a must to ascertain the perfect size of implants.

Procedure for Joint Replacement?

The Joint Replacement surgery is done by an experienced team from BLK Super Speciality Hospital under general anaesthesia. Procedure for different joints of body is different from other.

How important is post-surgery care?

Once the joints are replaced with the implants, the post-surgery care becomes all the more important as, it is then the real care begins. Here, the team of specialist will guide you at every step.





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