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Cord Blood Transplant

Cord Blood Transplant Umbilical cord blood is increasingly playing an important role in cases of leukemia, lymphoma, sickle cell anemia and other life-threatening diseases. Cord blood transplantation is the process of injecting cord blood to restore an individual’s own blood production system impacted by cancer drugs or radiation. Globally, cord blood transplants are possible due to parents donating their child’s cord blood to public cord blood banks. Apart from bone marrow, cord blood is one of the sources of blood-forming stem cells used in transplants.

What are the advantages of using cord blood?

  • Cord blood is a great option for patients with uncommon tissue types since it doesn’t have to be matched.
  • It is stored, ready to use and quickly available.
  • Transplant complications like graft-versus-host disease (GVHD) are less severe after cord blood transplants.





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