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Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery

We are proud to have the most experienced Cardiothoracic and Vascular surgical team in the entire country. Our surgical team has a vast experience of performing all types of Cardiac procedures like – Coronary Bypass Surgery, Midcab, Surgery for Valve Disease, Surgery for Aneurysm and Arrhythmia, management of Heart Failure with various surgical procedures including LVAD and Transplant is also available. All types of Thoracic, VATS as well as Vascular procedures are also performed here.

Coronary Arteries Bypass Surgery

At the BLK Heart Centre, we are constantly striving to offer benefits by tapping into latest medical innovations and research breakthroughs. Currently, there is evidence supporting the increased use of arterial grafting during CABG (Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting), especially BIMA (Bilateral Internal Mammary Arteries).Coronary Artery Bypass Graft surgery is a surgical procedure that helps treating coronary artery diseases, wherein a wax-like substance called plaque builds inside blood vessels that are responsible for supplying oxygen to the heart. During this procedure, a healthy blood vessel from the leg, arm or chest is connected to the heart. This creates a new pathway around the blocked artery helping blood flow to be restored. Typically, grafting of three main native coronary arteries are required in most coronary bypass patients. However, it has been seen that about 90% patients have their leg veins removed during CABG. But with our cumulative experience of 25,000 cardiac operations and over 4000 Arterial Bypass Operations (BIMA), we have successfully used arterial grafts with no cuts on legs in about 85% of our patients. Studies have proven that not only does arterial grafting stay patent for a long time, but also reduces the chances of re-operating after CABG. /

Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery (MICS)

During minimally invasive cardiac surgeries, surgeons make small incisions on the chest instead of open heart surgery.Due to the latest medical advancements, it is now possible to use Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery or Minimally Access Surgery in most cases. Unlike sternotomy and cardiopulmonary bypass, which are associated with high morbidity during postoperative period, surgeons don’t cut through the breastbone. Rather, cardiac surgeries are performed through small thoracotomy incisions either on the right or left side of chest. This avoids sternotomy, the most invasive as well as traumatic part of cardiac surgery. Nowadays, the minimally invasive approach is not just for adults, but is also being taken in paediatric cases.

Some of the advantages of MICS include:

  • Smaller incisions- The procedure requires small thoracotomy incisions which result in less noticeable scars.
  • Less pain- Patients undergoing MICS report lesser postoperative pain and discomfort.
  • Less risk of infection- MICS has a smaller risk of infection since there are no long incisions.
  • Reduced ICE and shorter hospital stay- Patients have shown quicker recovery and have returned to normal activities sooner.
  • Improved postoperative pulmonary function- The pulmonary function tests show good results.
  • Early recovery- Patients take lesser time to recover after MICS.
  • Improved cosmetic results- Since there are smaller incisions, there is lesser tissue damage resulting in better cosmetic results.
  • Improved quality of life- MICS leads to better quality of life and increased life expectancy.

Heart Failure and Transplant

Our Heart Team offers beneficial long-term solutions to patients of heart disease. Our world-class infrastructure help avoid poor prognosis in a number of terminal conditions. In addition, our top-of-the-line facilities enable us to provide advanced medical treatment to our patients. At BLK Super Speciality Hospital, our team of cardiologists and surgeons have the necessary expertise in delivering treatment through ICD (Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator), cardiac resynchronisation therapies, LVAD (Left Ventricular Assist Devices) and performing heart transplants with precision.

The Aorta Centre

Our team of cardiologists, cardiac surgeons and interventional radiologists offer customised treatments for patients with complex aneurysm through various investigations such as 2D echocardiography, CT Angiography and Cardiac Catheterization. Our hybrid treatment for aneurysm help produce optimum results. Not only does it minimise incisions, but also reduces the time for operations and facilitates quick recovery.

Centre for Valvular Diseases

BLK Super Speciality Hospital’s Heart Centre has a surgical team comprising of valve surgeons who have rich expertise in valve repair surgery and have produced positive outcomes for patients. The surgery can be paired with minimal access surgery to get best results. Another option is valve replacement. In most cases, heart valve replacement is similar to an open heart operation where the surgeon opens the chest and heart to remove the damaged valve and a new artificial/prosthetic valve is then put into place. In some cases, the maze procedure can be performed along with the valve surgery if the patient has atrial fibrillation.





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