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Cancer Reconstructive Surgery Program

Cancer treatments may sometimes damage a body part or change its appearance and function. However, with the help of reconstructive surgery, it is possible to repair the damage. It is important to note that this differs from cosmetic surgery. Cancer surgeries, sometimes can alter or change the way patients look or function and can have significant impact on their quality of life. This is where BLK Super Speciality Hospital’s surgeons can make a difference. Our well-equipped surgeons understand the patients’ needs, their unique challenges and help regain their self-confidence.

When does one need reconstructive surgery?

A patient may need reconstructive surgery after the cancerous tumor is removed from his/her body. For instance, women may need reconstructive surgery after a mastectomy, where the breast is removed surgically. Breast reconstruction is a common choice for many women. A surgeon may also replace tissues or nerves which are generally removed during surgery for head, neck or skin cancer. Surgeries can sometimes leave scars and defects, or cause other challenges such as difficulty in eating and speaking.





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